A Healthier ,

Stronger & more

Mobile Body for Life

Are you lacking the motivation for life, feeling unfit, overweight, no energy?

Anxious about your future health and wellbeing?

I’ve been there too, believe me, but 8 years later……


…..life now, is all about helping you,

every year working with over 150 clients, to reach their goals.


Let’s get you back on track and in control here in Peterborough or wherever you are in the world, for a healthier, longer future.

I really do understand & feel your pain!

If you answer YES to any or feel the issues below describe where you are right now,
don't waste time, book your consultation, we can help!

Lethargy, no energy -

Feel you have no energy and lack the enthusiasm to get involved in life, being insular and unwilling to join in.

Depressed and overwhelmed with choice, even if you have started looking for a solution and help.

Uncomfortable being out there, even fearful of being watched  (stared at even) while you’re unhappy with your own appearance.

It’s difficult to be selfish and you feel not worthy of the time, putting others first or putting other things higher on the priority list.

Self deprecating and anxious, your weight has crept up and you can’t seem to break the cycle.

A lack of perceived time, always rushing around from one thing to another, don’t feel like you are achieving too much. We’ll show you how to find that time.

" The negativity of others shouldn’t affect your own progress , we should trust those who understand & believe in us ".

" I've had the injuries and learned so much,
so you can benefit
& avoid injury "

In the last decade Fit Forever Training (myself) has built a reputation for empathy and understanding when I meet clients, this ensures you break the shackles of your previous life to build a healthier, stronger and more mobile body, and can rely on it to enjoy the future.


Each year over 100 clients have lost a combined 400 kg in weight, run over 1,200 km & cycled 3,900 km in challenges, remember many of these from a zero starting point, a fantastic effort by everyone!

" Don't waste anymore time, become another one of our success stories "

" Don't waste anymore time, become another one of our success stories "

" You've Everything
to gain! "

No matter your goal, from start to finish, each service offers full guidance and support to help you cross the finish line.


Discover Time

We'll help you to review your current lifestyle, so you can identify where you do have time for yourself and start new habits that will become the new norm.


We're In Your Corner

Constant support, right from day one, always just a chat away, especially when the going gets a little tough.


Planned Workouts

Carefully structured training, so you can concentrate on the workout & level of effort, not wondering what and where to go next.

" With you every step of the way, so you can make full use of these benefits! "

Always available on the app chat so when things feel a bit tough, just shout!


Fit Forever App

100% access to the Fit Forever App. This will be where you can view, record and measure many of the changes in your life as you move through the programme. It's a great way to make you accountable, remember when you click save & record, we see too.


Programme Support

Clear and concise supporting material for you to take on board. All designed to help you understand not just what you're doing, but why, and the difference it will make to your life.


Physical & Mental Health

We're going to make you think and use your head just as much as your body to be healthier and create that true wellbeing in your life.

" What's Available "

Personal Training

Exactly as stated, personal training is and needs to be a personal experience, so following a generic plan in the majority of cases, simply won’t work. Fundamentally, we’re all made the same way, but our circumstances, environment and backgrounds are so different and as a Personal Trainer, we have a responsibility to acknowledge this in the way we work with every client, this is the same whether on a face to face or online basis.

So the essential pillars to up-hold this being to mobilise, build, strengthen and then endure. And these are literally the corner stones of Fit Forever Training, no matter wether you are an absolute beginner, an athlete, just started training for a specific challenge or anyone who is looking to shed kilograms, get in touch.

If you are looking for a personal training service in and around Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, then I’ll make sure you receive the correct guidance and support to help you reach your goals.

No being tied to a specific gym or establishment allows Fit Forever to be far more flexible and offer you a service  when and where you need it. Any basic  equipment required will be brought to you, so no need to necessarily have an expensive gym membership, although you may wish to have access to facilities for the sessions you complete on your own or with friends and while you reach your goals. 

3D Body Scan

All in a matter of minutes :
We’ll provide a True 3D experience
  • Stunning 2D/3D before/after visuals (more than one scan required).
  • Rotate/Pan/Zoom to view any angle

We’ll help you understand your body composition

  • See clearly the stats for muscle, fat and bone mass and as a % of total body.
  • Instantly gain accurate  measurements from multiple sites all over your body and view as a cross section to see the progress being made (more than one scan required).

We can assess risk/s of underlying conditions

  • Based on waist circumference (WC) and waist to hip ratio (WtHR) from World Health Organisation (WHO).
  • Set inch-loss (or cm-loss) goals. 

We’ll set fat-loss and calorie consumption goals with you.

  • Body Fat Ranking by Age/Gender
  • Easy-to-use sliders
  • Estimate BMR and Daily Expenditure

We’ll email a scan report on completion your scan.

  • Detailed graphs show changes over time (more than one scan required)
  • Advanced reporting includes visceral fat, bone mass, and so much more.

Online Training

With programmes for a variety of needs, break those ingrained habits and start to find the new you, no matter your age or current fitness levels it’s not too late to start enjoying the rest of your life. 

Weight Loss Programmes

By exercising in a group you can achieve so much more, with the support and motivation from a qualified fitness coach and personal trainer, not to mention those training around you, goals are reached far quicker, but the satisfaction comes from within, to know you have put the hard yards in and reached your own target, no matter how small or large is brilliant and should be celebrated every time.

Event Training

General fitness for most people is sufficient, but when you decide to take on that extra challenge of a long distance run, ride or hike into the wilderness, your total body fitness and strength and endurance will need to be in tip top condition. We have the experience and knowledge to assist you and ensure you reach the finish line with spare capacity.

Cycling Training

Spinning those wheels up on the road or on a track, through the woods and climbing those ascents on either, can seriously take it out of you, so it is vital to be ready for them. In a spinning class you can afford to push harder than you might on the road, maybe you’ve previously bonked (cycling phrase for anyone who hasn’t heard that before, when you are completely depleted of energy), when you are done here you simply climb off, but on the roads and tracks you can’t do that. Let us help you develop the strength and endurance to keep going regardless of your preferred cycling discipline.


Numerous other programmes available too.

Let's Get Into It
& Start Achieving!

Step 1:
Free Consultation

Let's talk, it will allow you to understand the process you are about to go through and benefit from valuable insight into what to expect from FFT and what's expected of you.

Step 2:
Agree Your Goals & Expectations

Here we will discuss the extent of your target goals and the timings around them. Both parties need to agree on the course of action and hold each other accountable to deliver once the commitment is made.

Step 3:
Determine The Best package For You

Dependent on your goals, we will help you choose the right package to suit your needs and timings.

Step 4:
Complete the Essential Docs

There are a couple of essential forms to complete so everyone is safe and comfortable regarding insurance and relevant medical history.

Step 5:
Setup Full Access To the FFT App

We'lll walk you through complete sign up, to ensure you have full access to all the information and details you will need to achieve.

Step 6:
Confirm start & venue

Confirm your start date and agree venue to train, along with equipment choices.

What people say about us is important to you too, right!


" Absolutely buzzing "


" OK some of you may still be thinking, is it worth the time, effort and money? "

" Stats to consider ".

" Time is ticking "

" Let's look at this another way, if you don't do something now, maybe you won't have the time and wished you'd made more of an effort, cos you can't take the money with you, invest in yourself and your future now ".

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