3D Body Scan

Your Body As You've Never Seen It Before

Accurate and Precise Scans 

Every Fit Forever Training Scan* offers you levels of detail you probably haven’t seen before, not only will you see all the usual metrics like total weight (mass) and over 33 dimensions of your body (can be over 200) and we go so much further. We’ll highlight your body’s composition (muscle, fat, bone) in detail. Wait, we go even further, take fat as an example, understanding not only the quantity in mass and percentage of your total body, but also knowing the type of fat (visceral/android/gynoid) is helpful when planning your routine in terms of exercises and nutrition to reach your goals.

Cross sectional images of before and after** from multiple sites all over the body, allow you to see the progress being made so well. 

Maybe you’ve been advised to lose weight for health reasons, possibly Non-Diabetic Hypoglycemia (NDH) has been mentioned, well we can also help here and show you the real risk factors and what changes can be made by reducing the body fat and body circumferences by specific amounts/ranges to help.


Why scan with us? Well quite simply other products can be prone to hydration issues, are invasive, or lack repeatability, no human error and fumbling fingers or uncalibrated gadgets here.


What are the benefits? Understand your body fully, know that if you are trying to lose weight or body fat that you are going about it in the right way to target both from an activity element and nutrition & lifestyle stand point.


All scan s are non invasive and can be completed within minutes, plus you’ll get a full report emailed to you on completion.


* Powered by Styku Phoenix

** Several scans required

Unveil every layer


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