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" Empathy & Understanding "

In the last decade Fit Forever Training (myself) has built a reputation for empathy and understanding when meeting new clients and ensuring they break the shackles of their previous life, to build healthier, stronger and more mobile bodies, they can rely on, to enjoy the future.


Each year over 100 clients have lost a combined 400 kg, run over 1,200 km & cycled 3900 km in challenges, remember the majority of these from a zero starting point, fantastic efforts by everyone!


After a previous career in a highly pressured corporate environment and losing my own way, I found myself overweight, completely lacking in enthusiasm for life, but with an underlying knowledge that the old me was still in there somewhere, just needed to find a way to let him out. After a key family episode & several redundancies, I said to myself enough is enough, life is too short and now was the time to turn things around (that was 10 years ago).


" The negativity of others, shouldn’t affect your own progress and we should trust those who understand & believe in us "

clients helped each year
1 +
Run in Challenges Each Year
1 + km
Weight lost Each Year
1 +kg
Cycled in Challenges each Year
1 + km

Results Speak For Themselves!

Just look at what we all get up to

I'm here to help you!

I don’t just train you, but as you can see below, here I’m about half way through a century ride (100 miles) and raising some £2.5K for a local charity (Cancer Wellbeing Service), it’s all about getting out there and doing something with a purpose, no matter who it’s for, yourself initially or others in time.
Keep in mind, I was over 24kgs heavier when I started too.


You can do this!

Come on, get on board, this could be the ride of your life and I don’t necessarily mean only on a bike.

Mark Thompson

Founder of FFT, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness & 3D Body Scan Coach