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Personal Training
(F-2-F & Online)

Are you a qualified Personal Trainer?

Yes, I’m a qualified PT, fitness & 3D Body Scanning Coach, in addition I’m also trained in Nutritional Programming, Olympic Lifting, Pad Work (boxing), Trigger Point Myofacial Release, Life Coaching with Habitual Programmes, Mental Health Awareness for sport and physical activity, certified training in Menopausal & Perimenopausal women, NLP & First Aid trained, and a qualified chef (previous life), just to mention some skills acquired.

Absolutely not, everyone is an individual and requires specific guidance, having said that you’ll appreciate there will no doubt be some similarities if goals are shared when it comes to mobility, strength and weight loss targets, so there will be some similarity in various training programmes, but the make up of those plans will differ.

Every person will need to be assessed individually and we will ask you to complete a PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Form via the FFT App). Even with certain conditions, so long as your doctor has given you written permission to take part in specific activities, then we can plan accordingly. I’ve trained many clients previously and currently with a range of conditions from a variety of Cancers to Multiple Sclerosis, those going through rehabilitation following surgery and those dealing with Long Covid too.

Yes, 100% we have, you can see some of these on the home page.

Due to everyone being different, fitness and mobility tests will be conducted for everyone, depending on their individual goals and expectations.

That’s an easy one, me. I don’t pass you off to any other team members until I’m comfortable you are on the right track and even then, I always stay engaged with every client on some level.

This can vary, some require a longer programme due to the gap between their start point and end goal. Others need less support and able to hold themselves accountable more easily, while others need a more hand holding approach (that’s not a failing, simply human nature).

I can assure you, if you stick to the plans & schedules shared with you, you can feel different in a matter of weeks, but to see physiological changes, this can be 4-6 weeks if you then to be permanent changes.

This will depend on the goal/s and the adoption & consistent commitment required to force the changes.

Individual sessions can be postponed with a minimum of 24 hours notice, then rearranged (due to illness or family bereavements etc). If you decide to cancel your programme (something I can honestly 100% say has never happened yet), then you will receive the value of the unused sessions so long as you are less then 50% through the agreed programme booked, beyond this you will receive 50% of the value of unused sessions. No refunds are offered for single pt sessions booked and cancelled.

Yes, if it’s required due to the goal, sessions can go on indefinitely. I have multiple clients who have worked with me for several years, this is very much for motivational reasons and continued personal development goals.

Handling of all personal details & information is covered within the privacy policy and terms of use which you can find on my website pages.

All pricing information can be found here.

Yes, this is renewed every year and I’m happy to share a copy should you wish to see this.

Absolutely, the majority of my clients are trained in their own homes, while a few are trained in local facilities and parks where external and additional room is needed.

You can manage with very little equipment up-front, we will discuss in more detail during your free consultation if we haven’t already done so.

Any room with a minimum of 8-10ft square should suffice, ideally with 8-9 feet ceiling height but this isn’t too important. Many clients prefer to train outdoors, gardens, parks and so on. Again, this will be discussed before your training commences.

3D Body Scan

Who will be performing the Scan?

The scan will be performed by myself, a fully trained scanning operator who has completed the Styku 3D Scan Operator Academy.

The overall duration of the scan including, the scan, the feedback and the consultation is a maximum of 15-20 mins if performed at a set location. Of course if this is conducted on a mobile basis then this will be longer due to set up time. The actual scan itself takes less than 3 minutes from stepping onto the platform to seeing your results on screen, how good is that, then we’ll explain & chat through your results.

Yes, absolutely safe, unlike other scan types, there are no X-rays or radiation involved. We use infrared and scientifically proven research and algorithms to complete your scan.

Yes, absolutely safe, as per the previous question, no harm can come to you or your unborn child from this type of scan.

As is the nature of the 3D Body Scan, the requirement is for your body to be scanned and not any bulky clothing which distorts the results. But this should not put you off having a scan. If you are comfortable in your briefs/underwear that’s fine, but please be aware that so long as you are wearing form fitting clothing (snug tight fitting), then we are able to conduct an accurate scan. This is a none invasive scan.

Any form fitting clothing (hugs your body shape closely), or your underwear, swimming costume etc. You need to feel comfortable and able to stand still on the turntable for 35-45 seconds.

The scan uses infrared so although it will not interrupt or interfere with the signals, we do recommend removing jewellery as some can be bulky and affect the scan result for that reason.

The results will be available in approx. 90 seconds of the scan being completed and as part of the service we will discuss this with you. A full report will be emailed to you on the day of your scan too (summary or full depending on your booking). Of course, when you return for further scans, we will be able to study the before and after scans to determine the changes visually and through the metrics too.

Yes, absolutely. The only people who will see your results are you and myself the operator. We will not share these results with any third party unless you expressly request we do, this can be for a variety of reasons (medical etc).

We recommend a minimum of 4 scans over a 6 month time span. This allows for an immediate scan followed by 3 further scans after 2 month gaps. Of course if you feel confident you have made progress and wish to see your results sooner then of course you can book further scans to suit individual requirements.

You can find all the pricing details here.

We require a space 2.5 metres long and 2 metres wide, this will ensure no furniture etc affects the results. Ideally this is in a room will not have too many windows or any mirrors close by that could interfere with the scan.

Yes, we require a good WI-FI connection ideally, and one electric point for power to run the equipment (turntable and scanning tower, but it is a minimal power requirement and only for a short period of time (less than 1 minute for the actual scan.

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